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The d-word. That task that will you keep putting off for another weekend. Yep, I hear you.

But instead of running away from the problem, sometimes you just have to get it done as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been putting off taking on that cluttered bedroom, read on to find out 6 steps to how to declutter a room in one day.

How to Declutter a Room in One Day

How to Declutter a Room in One Day

1. Gather your supplies

There are some supplies that you will need to make the job easier. Here is a list:

  • Large garbage bags – for trash and recycle items
  • Baskets or bins – Whichever you have around the house. These will be for sorting items that you plan to keep, sell, or donate
  • Cardboard boxes or trash bags – These are used for items to be donated
  • Post-it notes or masking tape and Sharpie marker – For labeling

2. Label the baskets

You can use either post-it notes or masking tape to label the baskets or bins. You’ll want to 6 baskets with the following labels:

    • Keep

    • Action needed (items to return to friends, things needing repair, etc.)

    • Move (to another room)

    • Toss

    • Sell

    • Donate

how to declutter a room in one day

3. Have a plan of action

Think about how you are going to the approach the room. You might want to start at the back of the room where you work from left to right until you reach the door. Or, you can start on the left side of the room and work to the right side.

4. Get rid of the big stuff first

Before tackling drawers or shelves, be sure to get rid of any big items first.

If needed, have a friend help you carry and move the big items like furniture, tables, etc. you plan to get rid of.

5. Tackle medium items next

Now that those big items are out of the way, it’s time to tackle the medium-sized items in the room.

This time you will put these items in either the Keep, Action Needed, Move, Toss, Sell or Donate boxes.

6. Go through the small stuff

Repeat the process as with the medium sized items. Getting through the smaller items might take more time.

If you follow these steps, decluttering a room shouldn’t take more than a day to finish.


Be sure to keep only those items that enhance your life. The hard decisions will be for those sentimental items. If needed, come back the next to decide on those items.

The most important work has been done – removing what is no longer needed. If necessary, you can come back the next day to organize.