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Meal prep is great way to save you time during a busy week. Not only do you have your meals prepared for the week, you also have an organized fridge.

Just imagine all of you food storage containers all nicely stacked and organized in your fridge. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?!

One important step in meal planning is to finding the right food storage containers. And there are lots to choose from!

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When you’re choosing meal prep containers, you want to consider the types of meals and ingredients you’ll be working with.

To help you decide, here are three types of food containers for meal prep to consider.

1. Glass Mason Jars

A lot of people use this meal prep container for salads. The 16-ounce size mason jar is small enough to fit into a lunch bag.

However if the salad is your main meal, I would opt for the 32-ounce jar.

But, they’re also great for food storage as well.

You can use them for storing a variety of ingredients for your meal prep. They are great for storing unused canned vegetables and fruits.

Two things to consider when buying mason jars:
• Select the wide mouth jars – these make it easy to fill them
• Buy plastic jar lids. I find these more convenient than lids they come with.

Can you freeze food using glass mason jars?

Yes, you can freeze food in glass mason jars. If you decide to freeze soups, stews or any type of hot food, be sure to let it cool slightly before planing in the freezer.

2. Plastic meal-prep containers

These top-rated plastic meal prep containers have 3 compartments, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Read the review here.

These meal prep containers are perfect for meal planning. With these containers, you can put individual meals together for the week.

Like mason jars, these containers are available in different sizes. Typically, the 32-ounce containers are best one for individual meals.

These containers have separate compartments for the different portions of the meal. They have 3-4 separate compartments for a protein, a side salad, vegetables, sliced fruit, etc. This makes it really easy when you’re dieting.

Pros of plastic meal prep containers:

  • Typically less expensive than glass
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe

Cons of plastic meal prep containers:

  • Holds onto odors
  • Stains easily
  • No longer safe to use if they have cracks or deep scratches

3. Glass containers

These glass meal storage containers have GREAT      reviews on Amazon! Read the reviews here

Although plastic containers are cheaper, glass meal prep containers are considered safer to store food in. Plus, they are more durable, stain-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Rectangular glass containers tend to work better for meal prep.

Pros of glass containers:

More durable than plastic
Resistant to strong odors or stains

Cons of glass containers:

More expensive
Heavier than plastic


These are just 3 sizes of meal prep containers to consider. The type of container you choose will depend on the types of meals and how many people you’ll be preparing the meals for.