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Clutter can happen so easily in a kids room and it only takes a matter of minutes for everything to look disorganized.

Here 17 smart storage solutions to help keep their books and toys organized and room tidy in no time.

Sauder Bookcase and Storage Bins

Keep those toys, games and books organized in style with this versatile storage bin and bookcase. Features 2 cubbyhole storage bins with label holders, and an area for books or storage bins.

Pink Storage Bench with 3 Bins

storage bins for kids rooms

Perfect for storing toys, games, clothes and more, this pink and white storage bench is the perfect addition for her room. Features a faux-leather bench cushion and 3 storage bins with card holders for easy labeling.

Deluxe Toy Organizer with Storage Bins

Keep toy clutter to a minimum with this colorful toy organizer. Includes 4 regular bins, 3 double bins, and 2 extra-large bins. Wooden frame with a natural finish.

Multi-Functional 20 Cube Organizer

This easy-to-build modular storage system is a great way to keep toys organized. Available in Black and White.

Toy Hammock

Get those stuffed animals off the floor into this easy-to-install toy hammock. Made of stretchy material that expands to 6 feet.

Kids Toy Cube Storage Organizer

This adorable cube storage organizer is the perfect solution to help get those toys and books off the floor. The cubes can be rearranged into different shapes to fit any room. Includes 12 colorful storage bins and a mallet for easy set-up.

Bookcase with Reading Nook

This unique bookcase includes plenty of spaces for books and toys, and more. Includes a grey cushion for a comfortable reading area.

Personalized Toy Box

This adorable personalized toy box is perfect for any girls room. Available in a variety of styles and colors for both boys and girls.

Butterfly Pop-Up Hamper

This cute butterfly pop-up hamper is a great way to store stuffed animals, toys, and more. There’s also a frog and duck design available.

Storage Dresser with Bins

This colorful storage dresser can be used for a nursery, kids, tween or teen room. Perfect for storing toys, books, blankets, clothes, and more.

Rolling Toy Box

storage ideas for kids rooms

Move toys from one room to another with this handy rolling toy box. Features a sturdy wood construction and rolling casters for easy mobility.

Fairy Wishes Wooden Bench Seat

This cute storage bench is perfect for storing toys, stuffed animal, books, and more. Also available in a variety of styles for both boys and girls.

7-Character Bin Bookcase

This fun storage tower features a colorful variety of 7 storage bins each with a unique character – a monkey, fish, bear, robot, car, frog, and owl.

Car-Themed 4-Bin Storage Unit


This budget-friendly, car-themed storage system includes colorful fabric bins each with photo insets to personalize with your favorite photos.

Step2 Organizer Bins

Easily organize toys, books, crafts and more with this colorful Step2 storage organizer. Each removable bin is easy-to-clean and features a label to mark its contents.

Toy and Book Organizer

This colorful toy and book organizer makes it easy for kids to find their favorite books and toys. The two bottom compartments are best for either smaller toys or books.

Cubby Storage Cabinet

This cute cubby storage cabinet is great way to keep her toys and books organized. Includes 3 pink fabric bins and 3 top cubby storage areas.

Nantucket Storage Bench

This colorful, yet versatile Nantucket storage bench features a top bench for seating and a blue, green, and pink wooden bins for storing toys, books, and more.

2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid

This handy 2-in-1 toy box is just thing to help keep the toy room neat and tidy. The top storage bins can be used for art supplies and the art board lid is removable to create a portable art space.