What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Ever wonder what to do with leftover Halloween candy? The good news is there are plenty of alternative ways to use just a small amount of candy. And if you don’t want to do that, you can even donate it! Here are some creative ways to use or donate all that Halloween candy!

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Make Your Own Fudge Sauce

ideas for leftover halloween candy,what to do with leftover halloween candy


Another way to use up your Halloween candy is to make your own hot fudge. You might not want to eat all the candy now, but you can save it in a bag and just use it on special occasions when your family whips up some hot fudge sundaes.

You can start with a base of regular fudge sauce, then heat it up in a saucepan with other chocolate candy pieces you think would go with it. The candy blends together to make a delicious, flavored fudge topping.

Freeze the Candy

If you want to save the candy for a longer period of time to use for various treats, you can put it in the freezer. This not only keeps the candy fresh, but the frozen pieces are perfect for topping ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Since the candy will freeze in a large block, you might want to break it up into smaller pieces, then put the candy pieces into smaller bags before putting in a larger freezer container. That way, you just grab one bag of chopped-up Snickers or Hershey’s bars to top your ice cream sundae or add into a milkshake.

Create a Candy Trail Mix

trail mix

If you don’t mind your family having a little bit of chocolate for a special occasion, but not too much of it, you can use it to make trail mix.

Break up some of the candy into smaller pieces and add it to a big bowl of pretzels, nuts, raisins, granola, and anything else you want to add. You can then put the trail mix into a large container or even into individual portion bags or containers.

Donate your Halloween candy

ideas for leftover halloween candy,what to do with leftover halloween candy

For the past several years many people have chosen to donate their leftover Halloween candy to worthy charities. HalloweenCandyBuyBack.com is a great place to find both online and local drop off sites for your leftover Halloween candy.

Check out these roundup of ideas!

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source: The Unlikely Baker


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