Book Review: ‘Smart Money, Smart Kids’ by Rachel Cruze & Dave Ramsey

Smart Money Smart Kids

Are you looking for a blueprint on how to raise money-smart kids in our fast-paced, short attention span, and consumer-driven world?

Well, look no further than Rachel Cruze (daughter of Dave Ramsey) and Dave Ramsey’s new book, Smart Money, Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money.

As a mom of an 8 and 9 year-old, it’s scary to see all the consumerism that bombards our kids on a daily basis. No matter how hard you try, we as parents have to fight the Internet, 24-hour TV and smartphones for the hearts and minds of our kids. This 24-hour non-stop consumerism is enough to make any parent nervous.

So, when I received a review copy of Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey’s book, I was excited to learn about raising money-smart kids. Plus, I wanted to see if I was doing anything right.

The Power of Two Perspectives

The conversational tone throughout the book made it seem like you are getting advice from two trusted friends.

The book is pretty comprehensive. It covers the main areas of Work, Spending, Saving, Giving, Budgeting, Debt, College, Contentment, and Family.

One of the strengths of this book is that it’s not just one opinion on things. It’s two perspectives from two different generations, one from a parent and one from the daughter.

And, that is what makes this book very helpful. Because our perspective is as a parent, not as a child or teenager. We can look back years ago when we were in that role, but it’s not the same.

The Importance of Hard Work

When your kids learn hard work from a young age, the habit will stick with them for life.” – Rachel Cruze

One theme that runs throughout this book is of the power of hard work. One way this is taught is in their chores.

Rachel and her siblings worked on commission, not allowance. Her parents believed that an allowance implies or is allowed a certain amount of money without ever having to work for it.

They believed in the importance of teaching the work-money connection. Bottom line…if you don’t work, you don’t get paid, which I agree with. Age appropriate chore ideas are presented to help you teach this important lesson.

Teaching Your Kids to Win at Life

More is caught than taught” – Rachel Cruze

This quote from the book really sums up our role as parents. Our actions do speak louder than our words. And teaching our children good money habits begins at home.

Smart Money, Smart Kids is the roadmap for any parent to help navigate the many challenges of raising kids in a consumer-driven society.

This book remind us that we are the most important role model to our kids. By being mindful of this, we can teach those important life lessons that will enable our kids to become responsible, self-supporting adults.

And what a wonderful gift that is!

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