6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Your Business Cards

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Before you toss that old box of unused business cards, take a minute to discover all the cool ways you can recycle them.

The good news is those business cards still have a lot of life left in them. So don’t toss them – reuse them! And, here are 6 nifty ways to recycle your old business cards so that you’ll be happy you kept them after all.

1. Labels

They can be cut to fit the holder outside of a filing cabinet. You can also cut them to fit the plastic inserts for hanging file folders. Also, tape them to the outside of a storage box where you can list the contents.

2. Writing Notes

There are a number of ways to use them for notes. Turn them around where only the blank side shows and place them in a simple business card holder. Place this near your phone or on your desk. You can also grab a few and place them in your purse. They’re sturdy and a great size for taking quick notes on the run.

3. Business Card Cubes

If you’re looking to use a lot of business cards, you might want to create business card cubes. Here’s another business card box to make too.

4. Gift Tags

Glue a piece of gift wrap to the printed side of the card. Punch a hole at the corner, attach some ribbon or string, and you have a fun and unique gift tag that’s bound to be a conversation piece.

5. Flashcards

Use them to practice math skills, sight words, the alphabet, a second language, etc. Glue them together if you need two blank sides. For a portable set of flashcards, punch a hole at the top corner of each card and attach to a binder ring.

6. Cuecards

Write down key points for your next speech. Their small size makes them a nice alternative to index cards.


Now aren’t you glad you didn’t toss those old business cards? They’re portable and a handy size for a variety of uses. Plus, you’ll get to impress your friends with your newly acquired skill of building business card cubes.


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