5 Best Tips for Organizing Toy Clutter

organizing toy clutter

One challenge that every mom faces is toy clutter. Just when you think you have it organized and under control, the clutter starts again!

The next time you ask your children to clean their rooms, make it easy on them by following these 7 tips for organizing the toy clutter.

1. Get Your Child’s Input

Ask your child if there are any toys or games they do not play with frequently. Get a box or bin and get them to put their unused toys in there.

And once you’re done, explain that these toys can be donated so other children can enjoy them. No only is this a great way to cut back on the clutter, but it’s also teaching them wonderful life lessons of giving to others in need.

2. Reward organization

Probably telling your child that you are losing your mind with toy clutter all over the house is not the best way to keep the clutter under control.

Instead, set up a system for weekly or monthly rewards depending on how many days your child’s room is neat and organized.

3. Keep them separated

If all of your child’s stuffed animals, video games, comic books, robots and other toys are stored in one large container, you are creating a mess every time your child wants to play with any of them.

Separate your toys by type, storing them in separate bins or containers.

4. Make a trade

If your child wants to play Minecraft, tell him he can do that as soon as he puts up the toy car set he just finished playing with. This will minimize clutter since he will always have just one toy out at a time.

5. Schedule a pick-up routine

Set up a morning and evening toy pick-up routine. Rather than letting clutter build-up all week long, spending 10 or 15 minutes twice-a-day (for example, at noon and again before bedtime) will keep that toy clutter under control.


Getting your kids involved with organizing their toys will teach them how important it is to keep their room organized. These important life lessons will pay dividends when they’re adults.

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