Office & Technology Hacks to Make Life Easier

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Try these neat technology tips to get more out of the things you are doing every day.

1. Find a Drawer

If you have a night table with a drawer, put holes in the back so cords don’t show and make a charger station inside the drawer where they’re out of sight and safe and sound.

2. Get a Post-it

If your keyboard is dirty, you can use a Post-it to clean it. Using the sticky side, just stick in between the keys and peel off; goodbye dust.

3. Unplug It

When your technology is not in use, unplug it. It’s safer and will help ward off electrical fires, and it saves money on your electric bill too.

4. Make a Stand-Up Desk

If you don’t want to buy a stand up desk, you can make your own. Sitting more than four hours a day is dangerous, but if you have an office job you’re stuck. Make a desk that you can sit at or stand at by getting a tall chair, and then using one IKEA shelf upside down as your keyboard and monitor stand.

5. Make a Ruler

Take a picture, in real size, of a ruler. Then if you need to measure something you can just bring up the picture on your phone.

6. Stay Private

If you often use your laptop to give presentations, you can easily keep everything else private by making a special user account just for presentations. Then, when you’re looking for various files they won’t see your personal stuff.

7. Separate Emails

You’re always being asked to sign up for various newsletters and email lists, and now you can get organized by using this neat trick if you use Gmail.
If your email address is [email protected], you can turn it into a new address that goes to the same box by adding a plus sign and other letters.

For example, you signed up for a tech hacks newsletter. Give your email address like this: [email protected] and it will still go to your original email that is before the plus sign. But, you can now use folders to segment this email to its own box.


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