5 Ways to Protect Your Hands this Winter

With colder weather usually means drier skin. Hands especially are prone to getting really dry during the winter months.

During the winter months your hands can become dry, chapped, and raw. The cold dry air, exposure to moisture, and other harsh conditions really take their toll. Here are few tips that can help to protect your hands this winter.

1. Moisturize Often

Although this is pretty obvious, as busy moms it’s easy to let this slide. Be sure to carry hand lotion with you and get in the habit of applying it often.

Look for lotions with shea butter or petroleum-based products for maximum moisture. If you have particularly dry or chapped hands, consider seeing a doctor or dermatologist for a prescription lotion.

2. Wear Gloves during the Daytime

Gloves help protect your hands from exposure. They keep the moisture out and the heat in. One way to protect your hands is to be sure to wear dish gloves when doing the dishes and cleaning the house. The dish soap and cleaners used to clean our house are especially drying to the skin. Nowadays, dish gloves are going more “glam”, like these cute Glamour Glove Set. They are available in all kinds of fun colors and designs.

3. Wear Gloves during the Night

One fantastic way to moisturize your hands is to slather them with some thick hand lotion and to wear moisturizing gloves at night. They make moisturizer gloves specifically for this reason. They’re not your traditional leather or wool gloves. They’re usually soft cotton gloves that are easy to wear and easy to wash.

When my hands have been particularly dry, I moisturize and then put on my moisturizing gloves and wear those while I work at my computer. Although they look funny, they make my hands feel a lot better.

4. Take an Inventory

Many products are drying. For example, the dish soap you use can be drying to your hands. Make sure the soaps and other cleansers you come into contact with on a regular basis are gentle on your hands. Some particularly drying ingredients in soap include Sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, sodium lauroyl isethionate and sodium palmitate. Burt’s Bees Green Tea & Lemongrass Hand Soap has none of these ingredients. But it is more expensive than regular hand soap.

5. Paraffin Wax Treatments

Paraffin wax treatments are used by many professionals who are prone to dry and cracked hands. For example, nurses wash their hands hundreds of times each day. It’s difficult to be a nurse and have soft hands.

You can head to the spa to have a treatment, or you can buy a home paraffin treatment kit, like the Revlon Spa Moisture Stay Paraffin Wax Bath. It melts the wax and then you dip your hand in the warm wax and slip your hand into a glove or baggie. Let the wax harden on your hand. Peel the wax off and you’re left with softer hands. You can also moisturize your hands before you dip them in the wax for added benefit.


It’s important to take care of your hands. When they’re raw and chapped it affects almost every area of your life. With just a few extra preventative steps, your hands can withstand the drying effect of winter.

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