How to Easily Find a Vera Bradley Discount Code


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With the holiday shopping season just around the corner (or, you might have already started), saving money is more important than ever.

The easiest way to save money online is to use promo codes. I LOVE promo codes! They’re AWESOME, aren’t they?

But just as awesome as they are, they can be a bit elusive as well. Stores like Vera Bradley just don’t offer many site-wide codes and you have to wonder where you can find them.

The good news is…you can find those hard-to-find Vera Bradley promo codes. They are out there on the internet just waiting to be used! You just have to find them. And, find them we will!


First I check Vera Bradley’s site

The first place I check on my quest for a promo code is Vera Bradley’s home page. I see a header that says, “Spread the word and Get $15 off”. Yippee!! That was easy. $15 off? You bet!! DONE.

Then, I click the button and see this… 2017-10-20 10-18-43-076


Well, my excitement was short-lived <<cue the Price is Right’s loser horn>>

I find out that they’ll send me a $15 reward 7 days after my friend makes a purchase.

Not only do I have to wait 7 days, I can only get the coupon IF my friend buys something. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 7 days to wait.

So, I guess I’m back to the square one. 🙁

Next, I search Google for single-use coupon codes

The next step in my quest for the coveted Vera Bradley discount code takes me to Google to do a simple search:

google search

Looks like they’re some good possibilities here. I decided to check out the top 3 results and compare them to my favorite deal site, Dealspotr.

Let’s first check out RetailMeNot: 2017-10-20 10-53-36-818

What catches my eye is the cash back offer for online purchases of $75 or more. When I click the link, this is what pops up: 2
Not exactly what I was hoping to see. Basically, I have to sign up with RetailMeNot to get this offer. No, I don’t want to sign up to be on an email list. 

Let’s move on, shall we? Next stop, Groupon: 2017-10-20 12-34-24-795


Nothing really new here. The first offer talks about taking an extra 30% off, but it’s not a code, it just goes to their sale page on advertising 30% off select Vera Bradley items.  Again, not what I’m looking for.

Let’s see if we have any luck at Coupon Cabin:


Looks like they’re offering what is already being offered at, RetailMeNot, and Groupon. Coupon Cabin’s last offer is just like RetailMeNot – it requires you to sign-up with Coupon Cabin.

<<Sigh>> I’m getting a little frustrated now. It seems with both RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin, you have to sign up for their email list to get cash back or bonus offers. Or, they list the same promos as Vera Bradley.

Again, I really don’t want to sign up for an email list. I JUST WANT A PROMO CODE.

funny meme2

My last stop is Dealspotr. Thinking positive thoughts with fingers crossed, I know I can find that glorious Vera Bradley discount code!

When I get to Dealspotr, I click on the search bar and type in Vera Bradley. I make sure to select “Single Use Codes,” and the filtered results are impressive:
vera bradley discount code
The first few codes I see look like good choices and have been validated. I go ahead and click on the first one to get more details about the offer:
vera bradley discount code
As you can see, a Dealspotr user has “validated” the code. This means they have tested the code on Vera Bradley’s website to make sure it works.

Since Dealspotr does this for every code they use, this creates a very accurate and updated database of codes for any store. Pretty cool, huh?!

So, to get this deal, I simply copy the code and then click the  ‘Go There Now’ button which takes me directly to Vera Bradley’s website. 

I add my item to the shopping cart, paste my promo code in the box, and wait to see what happens… 2017-10-20 13-32-24-148
Voila! The code worked. If I just would have gone to Dealspotr first, I would have been able to apply a working code in just a few clicks. Easy peasy!

Bookmark this tool

My journey to find a Vera Bradley discount code was a success!

With Dealspotr, there’s never a reason to leave any promo code box empty ever again.

Be sure to bookmark my new favorite coupon site, Dealspotr. With 5 million coupons and their advanced code-finding tools, you are sure to find a coupon for your favorite store.

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