Simple Ways to Creating a Newborn Sleep Routine

getting baby into a sleep routine,getting baby into sleep routine,newborn sleep routine,sleep routine for baby

When you bring your new baby into the household, things can be a little overwhelming and a bit chaotic.  

Not only does your entire routine changes, you suddenly find yourself spending all your time caring for your baby. Of course, this is what all parents are expected to do, it also helps to start a regular routine.  Here are some tips for starting a routine with your new baby.

Follow Your Baby’s Cues

First of all, you won’t be able to rush into a routine right away. You need to give your baby time to get there. You need to follow your baby’s cues for the first few weeks or even months until you figure out what routine works best not just for you, but for the baby.

You might have a baby that likes to stay up late, or a baby that prefers feeding during certain times of the day. This information is going to help you determine a good routine for baby.

Work With Other Family Member’s Needs

Don’t forget about also considering the needs of other family members when figuring out a good routine with your baby. If you have other children who are younger and need help with things like bathing and brushing their teeth, try to work the baby’s routine round it.

For example, your nighttime feedings should occur when your kids are already asleep or when dad is giving them a bath. You can then focus more on your other children after you have put the baby down to sleep. Every day, you will figure out what works best for your family as a whole.

Adjust the Routine As Needed

getting baby into a sleep routine,getting baby into sleep routine,newborn sleep routine,sleep routine for baby

It is also good to be open-minded and not be afraid to adjust the routine as needed. As your baby grows into different developmental stages and your kids start growing up, the routine is going to change.

Keep this in mind and don’t be too restricted to schedule and timetables. The point is to get everyone adjusted to the new way of life with a new baby in the house, not to be a stickler for schedules and charts. There is a delicate balance here you need to find.

Start With a Regular Sleeping and Feeding Routine

An easy way to start with a routine for your baby is to begin with the sleeping and feeding schedule. This is the majority of a young baby’s life, so it makes sense the routine would start here.



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