Fun Easter Traditions for the Whole Family

fun Easter activities

You don’t have to wait until Easter Sunday to enjoy fun Easter activities for the whole family.

In fact, most of these Easter activities are better planned and enjoyed prior to that day.

Shopping for Easter Outfits

If your little ones need new Easter outfits, you can make a fun day out of shopping. Take occasional breaks to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat or find a play place for the children to blow off some steam.

Decorating Eggs

One of the easiest activities for the whole family is dyeing Easter eggs. They can use different colored dye, white crayons, stickers and other items to create one-of-a-kind eggs.

If you’re not using real eggs, you can help your children embellish plastic eggs and have just as much fun.

After the eggs are decorated you’ll want to start thinking about where you can hide them. Go ahead and look around the house – both inside and outside – in case the weather isn’t good on Easter morning.

Jot down some ideas and put the list somewhere the kids won’t find it. You’ll be a step ahead of the game when Easter morning arrives. (Don’t forget to write down where you’ve hidden the eggs, particularly the hard-boiled ones, so you can recover the ones your children might miss and avoid smelling up the area.)

Bake Easter Treats

Look through cookbooks, magazines or the internet to find recipes everyone in the family will enjoy. Think about Easter brunch recipes or desserts which are family favorites.

You’ll want to be sure the recipes you choose will give the children something to do: measure and add the ingredients, knead or roll out dough, cut cookies out using cookie cutters and then decorate the cookies. Depending upon how many goodies you make, you may want to take some to a neighbor and spread a little bit of Easter joy.

Plan an Easter Picnic

If the weather isn’t warm enough or is rainy, you can set up the picnic indoors. Push furniture against the wall and toss your blanket in the living room. One benefit of not having the picnic outdoors is you can avoid competing with ants.

Any of these fun activities can become an Easter holiday tradition that you and your family will remember for years to come.



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