Frugal Kitchen Tips for the Holiday Season

frugal kitchen tips

One of the favorite traditions of the holidays is all the delicious meals and treats that are served. And with that, our grocery bill begins to skyrocket as we get closer to the holidays.

Here are ten tips that can help you save money on your food bill this holiday season.

1. Plan, plan, plan

Be sure to plan out your menu for the holidays well in advance. Plan your weekly menus carefully leading up to the holidays, too. You can save a lot of money by sticking to a carefully planned out menu.

2. Take an inventory

Check your freezer and check your pantry. Know what you have in both. Not only will it prevent you from buying what you already have, but you can also plan out your weekly menu with what’s left in your freezer and pantry. 

3. Stock up early

Buying in bulk and buying what’s on sale will be huge savings in your kitchen. Stocking up early will help you, too. Adding an extra bag of flour to your weekly grocery shopping here and there isn’t going to be such a big hit on your weekly shopping budget.

4. Make lists

Lists are the lifeline in your kitchen. They help you know what you have on hand, what you need to get, and how much you are spending.  Keep them up to date and stick to them.

5. Budget

Don’t forget to set a budget. Have a budget for your holiday spending as well as a budget for your weekly spending.

6. Buy the store brand

More often than not, store brand is cheaper than name brand. Of course, there are exceptions, but most of the time, store brands are just as good as the name brand.

7. Organize your pantry

Keep your holiday foods separate and do not touch these items for anything but your holiday cooking. And if you have something your family might be tempted to attack, then make sure it’s hidden and they don’t know about it. Not too hidden that you forget where you put it, though.

8. Freeze ahead

Make some of your holiday meals in advance. If there’s a really good sale on potatoes, but you are worried they won’t stay good until your holiday meal, then cook in advance and freeze. 

9. Decorate frugally

Use what you have at home to decorate with. Make your own centerpiece for the table. Use your kids’ school art projects on your holiday table. 

10. It’s over! Get started on next year

Taking advantage of the after-holiday sales will save you tons of money.  Get napkins and paper plates cheap and store them with your Christmas items. This way when the Christmas stuff comes out for decorating the rest of the house, you’ll find these things and will have a head start on your holiday shopping.


With these tips, you’ll be able to get a head start on your holiday season and save plenty of money in the process. 

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