Favorite Finds Friday: End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas under $25

The end of the school year is just a few weeks away. And that also means it’s the time to start thinking about end of year teacher gifts.

Good news! End of year teacher gifts don’t have to be super elaborate or expensive. With all the gifts that a teacher receives over the year, they need to be thoughtful, but also something they can use.

End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas under $20

Teachers love receiving gift cards. Not only are gift cards practical and useful, teachers can get exactly what they want.

However a gift card by itself can seem a little boring. But when you combine it with a tangible gift and a thank-you card, it makes the teacher gift have a little more pizazz.

Here are few gift ideas to combine with a gift card:

1. Gift card from Starbucks and a summer tumbler


double walled tumbler, Aladdin Aqua To-Go Tumbler

Many of these doubled walled tumblers can be found at Walmart and Target. You can also include some single servings of Crystal Light inside the tumbler. Pair it with a gift card from Starbucks or Barnes and Noble along with a heartfelt thank you note, and you have a thoughtful, yet useful gift.

2. Gift card from gardening center and a small plant


You can select any small plant or even some potted herbs. How about a small tomato plant and a cilantro plant? Then they can use the gift card from a gardening center like Lowe’s or Home Depot for other gardening supplies.

3. Gift card with a box of blank note cards and notepads


Thank You Card Pack  15CT MULTI STRIPES

Teachers can always use cute note cards and notepads for both work and home. You can find a nice box of note cards at your local Target or Hallmark store for a very reasonable price. For notepads, you can also find these at Target (also be on the lookout for them in the ‘Dollar Spot’ section) and dollar stores.

If you have the time, you can also order personalized note cards at Vistaprint.

4. Gift card with gift basket


If you know what your teachers favorite foods or candy are, you can combine these into a gift basket or reusable container. Gift baskets can be found at arts and crafts stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or your local dollar store.

Hopefully these teacher gift ideas have sparked a few of your own gift ideas for your favorite teacher.

With all the gifts given during the school year, your teacher will always appreciate receiving a gift card. Combine it with something like a summer tumbler or a small gift basket, and you have an easy, yet thoughtful way to express your gratitude.



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