Children’s Consignment Sales – 8 Things to Know Before You Shop


If you’re looking for great prices on children’s clothing, accessories, and toys, look no further than a seasonal children’s consignment sale.

Because most items at these sales are used, it’s important to have a strategy in place before you get there.

This article shares some helpful tips from my nine years of being a buyer and seller at seasonal consignment sales.

1. Know your children’s clothing and shoe sizes

With all the hustle and bustle of the sale, you may forget shoe sizes. Also, look ahead and buy one size bigger that what they wear now.

For pants, take a piece of string and measure the pants legs. That way you’ll know if the leg length is too short or needs to be hemmed.

2. Look out for stains and tears

The lighting at these sales events varies so be careful to check carefully for stains and tears on the front and back of clothing.

3. Watch out for recalled items

Make sure to watch out for recalled items. You can find the latest list of recalled items at the website of the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Also, be aware of the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s Guidelines on lead limits in toys for children 12 and under.

4. Arrive early

Most neighborhood consignment sales attract a lot of buyers. If possible, be there when the door opens.

5. Expect crowds and try to leave the kids at home

It’s not unusual to stay 2-3 hours at a busy consignment sales. So you can imagine how tired and cranky a little one would be after that length of time. Not to mention how exhausted mom or dad can get too.

6. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

If it’s cold outside, wear layers so if it gets warm inside (and believe me with 150 people in a gymnasium it will!) you can wrap your sweater or sweatshirt around your waist. I would not bring a purse, but instead have a fanny pack where you can keep your phone, keys, money, etc.

7. Bring a rolling laundry basket or large tote bag

Don’t assume that shopping carts or bags will be provided at the consignment sale. I personally like the rolling laundry basket because you don’t have to carry it all over the place. You will be thankful to have it especially after you fill it with clothing, shoes, books, and toys!

8. Assume no credit cards accepted

The consignment sales that I’ve shopped only take cash or check. Check with the organizer or their website for accepted forms of payment. Don’t forget your drivers license if paying by check.

After going to a few of these consignment sales, you’ll decide on your favorites. You may even decide on becoming a seller. Happy consignment shopping!


Looking for children’s consignment sales in your area? has a comprehensive listing of children’s consignment sales around the nation.



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