8 Germ Hotspots You Need to Know About

germ hotspots
Germs are everywhere. Some are harmless enough but others are not. If they are given a chance to hide, they will multiply and then they become a problem. Read on to find out about eight spots where germs could be breeding right now.

1. Cell phones

You keep it with you all day every day. It sits on the counter, in your purse or pocket and if you use touch phones then your fingers make all sorts of prints on it. Take a look at your screen sometime. It may disgust you. Wipe it down daily.

2. Headphones

Sharing earphones could be the worst thing you can do unless you clean them first. Who want someone else’s ear goo in their ears? There is sweat and dirt also, especially if you have been working out.

3. Gas pump handles

You are not the only one that uses them. Imagine where those hands have been. If your gas station doesn’t offer plastic gloves, use hand sanitizer after handling the pump.

4. Your Purse

It sounds awful, but let’s think about it for a minute. You carry your purse everywhere you go: to the bathroom, to the grocery store, in the lunchroom, restaurants and the like.

Once you have sat your purse on a potentially germy surface, it is contaminated. Sitting it on your kitchen table transfers those germs to the surface where you and your family eat. Use a mild fabric cleaner to clean the outside and inside of your purse.

5. Shower curtain

Just because water washes over it doesn’t make it clean. Over time, soap scum that builds up on your shower curtain makes it feel slimy and look cloudy. On a microscopic level, germs are congregating in large numbers. Breathing in these bacteria in a hot shower can make you sick.

6. ATM machines


Several people punch those keys each day. Just like you don’t know where the hands that touch the gas pump have been, the same goes for the ATM machine. Use hand sanitizer after pushing the buttons.

7. Credit cards

credit cards

That card you push into the ATM machine is also handled by numerous store clerks and cashiers throughout the day. Give it a rest and wipe down the front of it with an alcohol wipe. Let it air dry before putting it back in your wallet.

8. Shopping carts

Hundreds of people handle them every day. Just holding on to that handle can transfer tons of germs to your hands. Use the sanitary wipes found in most grocery stores to clean it before touching it.



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