7 Steps to an Easier School Morning Routine

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Do you find you always seem to be running behind in the morning? You’re not alone!

Here are 7 things you can do the night before to help you have an easier school morning routine:

1. Set out clothes

  • Teach your children to choose and set out their clothes the night before. You can approve each outfit and ensure there are no repairs to be made.
  • Don’t forget to have your children find their shoes and socks to place with the outfit so all they have to do when they get up is get dressed.

2. Check their book bag

Look through each child’s book bag when they bring it home each day.

  • Ask them what homework assignments they have and ensure they work on them.
  • Check for any important papers you need to see.
  • Transfer any significant dates to your family calendar.
  • Sign anything which requires your signature and then place everything that goes back to school back into your child’s book bag.
  • Place their book bag by the door so it’s ready to pick up and go.

3. Check the family calendar

It is very helpful to have a centralized family calendar that is easily accessible to everyone. A great place for one is the refrigerator.

  • Check the calendar the night before so you won’t have any surprises. There may be doctor’s appointments or your children may have after-school activities to attend.
  • By checking the calendar before you go to bed you’ll be able to make any necessary carpooling arrangements if necessary.

4. Make lunches

Prepare lunches the night before if possible. If you can’t pack the entire lunch, do what you can. Keep refrigerated items in the refrigerator until morning.

Grab what you need to finish up what needs to be done and then pack each item in your child’s lunch box.

5. Prepare for breakfast

Before heading to bed, set out the dishes you’ll need for breakfast in the morning. Be sure keep the milk or orange juice on a lower shelf so your younger children can help take things out of the refrigerator.

6. Get kids to help with breakfast

Unless your children are very young they can, and probably should, help you with breakfast. Teach them to get the things necessary for the meal such as cereal, and bread for toast.

7. Keep morning essentials in car

As you’re working toward a morning routine that runs smoother, be sure to keep some often-needed things in your car. Items like a hair brush, wipes, tissues, pencils, extra socks, etc. can be kept in a box and easily accessible.


Moms everywhere often spend the morning frustrated because their children are running behind. The good news is that with just a little preparation the night before will help the next morning run smoother with less stress.

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