7 Smart Ways to Get Your Child to Read Everyday

Reading is the foundation to learning. It’s one of those basic skills that’s critical to academic success. As parents, we can set the stage for our children to succeed in reading.

Here are some helpful ways you can encourage your child to want to read everyday.

1. Surround your home with books

Studies have shown that children who live in homes with lots of books (also includes magazines and catalogues) have better reading and math skills. Used book sales, yard sales, and the library are great places to start.

2. Visit your nearest library

Make sure to get you child a library card. Help them choose interesting books. Once you’re home, put the library books in a special basket so you child can have go-to place for their books when they want to read.

3. Create a special reading area

Find a special place in the house where your child can go and read. Make the area cheerful and inviting with a comfy chair and good lighting.

4. Read everyday

Make reading an everyday family activity, regardless of your child’s age. Just because a child can read doesn’t mean you should stop reading aloud, either; children all the way through grade school (and even beyond!) enjoy being read to.

5. Make reading a reward

Let your child stay up a few minutes past bedtime if he or she is reading. This makes reading a bit of a reward – being allowed to stay up late is a treat! But make sure your child only gets to stay up late if he or she is reading.

6. Choose books and magazines that reflect your child’s interests

Pay attention to what your child likes, and go to the library and choose appropriate books. If you need help, librarians can help you find books on the particular subject matter you are looking for.

7. Set aside your own reading time

Don’t forget to set aside time to read for yourself. Make sure that your children see you read. You set an important example to them by showing them that reading is an enjoyable activitity.


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