6 Tips for Making Swimwear Last Longer

making swimwear last longer

Whether you swim in the ocean or a pool, harsh conditions can wear out even the best quality swimwear. With just a little extra care and these 6 tips, your favorite swimsuit can be looking great all summer long! 

1. Use a delicate washing detergent for your swimwear

Harsh detergents can wear out the texture of your swimsuit. Instead try using a gentle cleanser or hand soap, like Dove or special detergent for swimwear, like Solmar Suit Saver or Speedo Speedo Swimsuit Cleanser.

2. Always let your swimwear dry completely

Hang it out to dry when you get home. You can put it in the spinner to remove excess water before you hang it out. Wet swimwear will mildew and you won’t be able to bleach it to remove the mold. Putting your swimwear in the dryer is not recommended. The heat of the dryer will break down the elastic in the material itself and the structure of the swimsuit.

3. Hand wash your swimwear

Placing it in the washing machine gives too vigorous a wash action. You can rinse it first to remove any chlorine and then wash. Hang it up in a ventilated area to air dry. Most importantly, wash swimwear after each use.

4. Buy a quality swimsuit

You want to look for swimwear that is durable and can withstand many washes.  Two examples of high quality swimwear brands are Miraclesuit and Speedo. However, search the internet or your favorite department store for more quality brands.

5. Buy more than one swimsuit

If you are on vacation or swim a lot during the summer, you’ll want at least one extra swimsuit. This will allow each swimsuit to dry fully between uses as well as cut the use of each suit in half.

6. Avoid sitting on rough surfaces

Surfaces like rough cement can snag, tear or otherwise damage your suit in the seat.

And, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of your swimsuit. Just a little extra care now can help extend the life of your favorite swimsuit into next season and beyond.

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