6 House Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time and Grime

house cleaning hacks

Cleaning doesn’t have to take that much time out of your day if you keep cleaning as you go, and teach your family to do the same. Having a home for each thing you own, and a logical place to store things, will also help.

1. Sanitize those Sponges

Believe it or not, sponges can sometimes be dirtier than your toilets. Eek! Sanitize your sponge by cleaning well with either bleach or a commercial cleaner, then zapping it in the microwave.

2. Clean oven spills

Who wants to get out the Easy Off to clean a dirty oven?! Spending one minute right now wiping out the spills will save you hours later trying to get off burnt-on food.

3. Use Rain X on Your Shower Door

Do you have shower doors or any glass that gets wet and spotted from water? If so you can use anything designed for automobiles to bead up rain water to help keep the spots down. To keep you shower door cleaner longer is to wipe it down after each shower before the water dries in spots.

4. Wash Shower Liners with Bleach in Washer

Is your shower liner getting moldy? Instead of replacing it, you can actually throw it in the washing machine with bleach and soap. Use hot water, and then hang up while still wet.

5. Basket It

Take five minutes to circle the house with a basket, putting anything that doesn’t belong in the room inside the basket. Go through twice, so you can also put the stuff away after collecting it. This can cut down on clutter in a big way.

6. Clean While You Talk

If your mom or best friend calls, use the time in a productive manner. Get a headset so that you have your hands free and keep moving during the entire call cleaning anything that’s dirty or folding laundry.


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