5 Simple & Natural Energy Boosters

natural energy boosters

Do you find your energy slumping during the day, especially in the afternoon? Yes, I certainly can! My slump time is usually around 4:30 pm.

They usually hit a couple of hours after lunchtime, and sometimes just keeping awake is a challenge. But before you reach for the caffeine, here are some other ideas that may keep those afternoon slumps from dragging down your afternoon.

1. The power of green tea

Green tea does contain caffeine, but it contains a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, and its effect is much gentler. Green tea also contains antioxidants.

2. Take a walk

Taking a walk is great way to give yourself a energy boost. If you work in an office, see if you can get away for a few minutes to walk around the outside of the office building. If you’re at home, try walking outdoors for a bit.

3. Are you getting enough daylight?

If you live in an area that’s cloudy much of the winter, you may want to try putting daylight-spectrum bulbs in your lamps and light sockets.

It’s amazing what this daylight exposure can do to lift your spirits and help your energy. If you do have windows, let in as much natural light and fresh air as you can.

4. High-energy lunch

For some, a carbohydrate-heavy lunch can contribute to an energy slump later in the afternoon. Try focusing on lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables for lunch instead, and if you have carbs for lunch, eat whole grain ones. Maybe you could have a salad with lean beef or chicken, or topped with healthy nuts.

5. High-energy snacks

When the energy slump hits, it can be very tempting to reach for something sweet, like cookies or candy.

A combination of fresh or dried fruit and nuts makes an energy-boosting snack – think celery with peanut butter and raisins or trail mix.


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