5 Packing Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

packing tips, packing for family vacation

If you have a large family it can be a daunting process to get everyone ready for a family vacation. Since you know the date when you are leaving, give yourself enough leeway to pack what you need so that you are not throwing stuff together at the last minute. Time equals less stress for mom and dad. 

Here are 5 easy packing tips to help you get ready for your next family trip.

1. Use separate bags for each family member

It may seem practical to put little Johnny’s things in with yours, but it will create more chaos upon arrival. Even if he has a small suitcase, a quick check can verify if you have packed all his needs.

2. Leave room for what you bring back

We pack suitcases to the gills so that there is no room left for anything else. Think ahead. Instead of trying to keep track of individual shopping bags, pack each person’s souvenirs in their respective bag so that everything is accounted for.

3. Dress appropriately

Take a look at the weather forecast for the week of vacation. If they are calling for rain but high temperatures, or sun but breezy, pack accordingly. Even in the rain, light-colored clothing made of cotton will allow your skin to breathe and keep you comfortable. Pack a windbreaker with a hood if inclement weather is a possibility.

4. Consider your activities

Now that you have clothing, what about the beach fun? What will you need? Definitely pack a bathing suit, beach shoes, towels, hats, umbrellas, cover-ups and sand toys for the kids. Keep the beach items together but separate from the other luggage so you can grab them from the car easily for quick set-up on the sand.

5. Pack toiletries last

You will get up on the morning of departure and wash and brush your teeth. Leaving this until last ensures that you will not forget toothbrush, deodorant or shampoo. If the family uses the same types of items, buy larger product sizes to be shared instead of several individual ones.


Last but not least, check to be sure all bags are by the door the night before you leave. This gives you time to do a final check so you are ready to go the next morning. Beach vacations are a lot more fun and stress free when you pack accordingly.

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