5 Easy Recipes for Homemade Energy Bars

energy bar recipes

Most energy bars sold in stores are pretty expensive. So I started looking for low cost alternative and found some really awesome homemade energy bar recipes online.

Here are 5 homemade energy bar recipes that are easy to make and use ingredients mostly found in your local grocery store.

No-Bake Energy Cookies

energy cookies 
Photo: Inspired Taste

These no bake energy cookies from Inspired Taste are easy peesy to make and good for you too. Just combine honey, chocolate chips, almonds, peanut butter and Fiber One (or your favorite high fiber cereal). 

Homemade Larabars

homemade energy bars, homemade larabars 
Photo: 52 Kitchen Adventures

This easy, no-bake energy bar recipe comes from 52 Kitchen Adventures. This no bake energy bar recipe is the homemade version of the ever-popular Larabar.

Instead of paying $1 a bar, you can make these yummy energy bars at home. Be sure to also check out their recipes for Chocolate Larabars.

Vegan Energy Bars

vegan energy bars 
Photo: No Meat Athlete

A very interesting vegan energy bar recipe featuring ingredients such as great northern beans and Grape Nut. This recipe from No Meat Athlete is a modified version of a energy bar recipe from the Idaho Bean Commision.

They transformed this energy bar recipe into a more marathon-user friendly version with less refined sugar and substituting all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

DIY Power Bars

homemade energy bars 
Photo: The Kitchn

An easy-to-make and healthy version of the Rice Krispie treat comes from TheKitchn.com. Lots of variations and substitutions can be made to this recipe.

Homemade Chocolate Energy Bars

Photo: Running Upward

Another awesome homemade Larabar energy bar recipe comes from Running Upward. Made with ingredients easily found at the health food section of your local grocery store. Be sure to check out her recipe for homemade energy bars too!  


So, are you inspired to make your own homemade energy bars? What’s nice is these bars don’t take a long time to make and use ingredients mostly found at the grocery store. Plus, they’re a whole lot less than the store-bought!         

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