3 Resources for New Moms You Should Know About

Resources for New Moms

As a new mom, you might have read all the books, talked to your close relatives, and have prepared fully for the baby, but there is always more to know.

When you go through your baby’s various stages, you may find that many more questions pop up and you don’t have the answer to them. Consider using one or all of these resources to get all your questions answered in regards to yourself and your baby after you become a new mom.

1. Online Resources

Resources for New Moms

It is good to have a combination of books and online resources to turn to. The reason the online resources are helpful is because there is a plethora of information and most of it is easy to look through. Many of these sites have categories to provide simple navigation or search bars so all you need is a keyword.

If you are nursing your baby and have a question, you can’t really head to the library and you might not be able to get on the phone to your pediatrician. Going online is a great alternative. Some online resources include:

HealthyChildren.org – This is one of the top websites for families and new parents. You will get all the information you need about pregnancy, babies, and child-rearing. Whether you need info on installing a car seat or finding out about certain stages of development, you will the answer you need.

Consumer Product Safety Commission – This is another excellent resource to use online. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is specifically for health and safety, particularly providing advice on choosing a safe crib or carseat, setting up gear, and alerting you to recalled baby gear or furniture.

2. Lactation Consultant

Far too many new moms struggle to breastfeed their babies, then give up because they don’t know who to turn to. While you can also get help from a pediatrician, you may not feel comfortable going to them for something like nursing. If this is the case, consider calling up a lactation consultant.

They specialize in helping new moms nurse their babies, including giving you insider tricks and techniques to help with nursing on demand, better lathing, and promoting healthy milk production.

3. Your Own Instincts

Resources for New Moms

Don’t forget to consider your own instincts and the cues your baby gives you when you’re not sure about something. Google isn’t going to be able to answer every question you have about your baby or parenting style. Even books aren’t going to provide you with the answer to absolutely every question you have.

New moms need to learn to trust their own instincts, whether you are concerned about the development of your baby or you think their cry is serious and requires a visit to the emergency room.


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