Do You Have a Holiday Hangover?

Do you have a holiday hangover after the Christmas break?

No…not that kind of hangover! You know, the feeling of dread about cleaning the house, taking down the tree, putting up the decorations and just getting back to the daily routine.

The holidays make it so easy getting into the routine of getting up late, eating lots of holiday food, and just hanging out with family and friends.

But after Christmas, the reality starts to creep in little by little. And then Monday after the holiday arrives and everyone is grudgingly getting back into their routines of work, school and after-school activities.

The following tips may make it a little easier to ease back into your routine.

1.Take in some ‘me’ time and relax

If you’ve been going non-stop with visits with family and other obligations, take a moment to clear your calendar the weekend before you have to go back to work.

Read a book, watch a movie, get a manicure. Any activity that is just for you. That way you’ll be heading back to work feeling more refreshed than frazzled.

2.Cleaning house one-day-at-a-time

Instead of waiting for the weekend before school starts, why not get the house back in order, a little at a time. Instead of a huge block of time, space the holiday clean up over several days.

For example, on Monday, pack up the tree and decorations. On Tuesday, mop the floor and clean the bathrooms. On Wednesday, do the laundry. If you’re really ambitious, plan out your meals for the week after Christmas.

Then the night before work and school, get everyone’s clothes and lunches ready. So that way you’ll know that all the details are taken care of on Monday morning.

3.Getting the kids ready for school

A few days before school begins, start getting the kids back to their usual bed times.

Ease them back to their normal bed time 15 minutes earlier each day until the night before school.

Talk to your kids about school. Talk to them about their favorite classes, seeing their friends again, other things they like about school.

4. Ready…set…Go!

On your first day after the holidays, wake up at least 15 minutes earlier than you normally do.

Also, don’t expect too much of yourself. This is the first day after a long holiday, things will get done in their own time.


By taking stretching out your tasks over several days, you can keep the ‘holiday hangover’ away, be less stressed, and get back to your routine faster.

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