15 Quick and Easy Sandwich Ideas

Are your kids tired of same sandwiches each week? The good news is that with just a few new ingredients, you can have lots of different sandwich options for the week.

When making a sandwich, you don’t have to stay with the traditional meat, cheese, condiment combo. Change things up: Add fruit. Try a new bread. Let your imagination run wild.

These 15 sandwich ideas for kids and adults are sure to shake you out of your brown bag blues.

1. Grilled cheese – Who said grilled cheese has to made with American cheese. Why not try different cheeses such as Provolone, Muenster, or Havarti. Try cheddar cheese with sliced apples and grainy mustard.

2. Tuna saladThe traditional tuna salad sandwich on white bread is standard, but try it on toast with shredded carrots for crunch (and Vitamin A!).

3. Almond butterInstead of peanut butter, try almond butter with sliced banana. Not only does it pack a protein punch, but it tastes like dessert.

4. Grilled Swiss with avocado and sour creamFor a healthy twist, try adding alfalfa sprouts.

5. Cinnamon raisin bread with leftover roast chicken – This is a surprisingly good combo.

6. Ham with apple butter – A tasty sandwich perfect for the holidays.

7. Leftover steak, fresh spinach leaves, fresh mozzarella and chipotle mayo for a delicious twist on the steak sandwich.


 8. Hummus, tomato and diced cucumbers on flat bread or stuffed in a pita.


9. Leftover grilled chicken on a biscuit with American cheese, mayo and pickle.


10. Roast beef and tomato on leftover garlic bread. Why not. It really is a good way to use up the brad and tastes amazing!


11. Corn muffin with turkey, Monterey jack and jalapeno jelly. You can also use leftover corn bread.


 12. Toasted bagel with turkey lunchmeat, cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers on a toasted bagel.


13. For more bagel ideas, try using up leftover grilled vegetables from last night’s dinner and a smear of cream cheese.


14. English muffin with sliced tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, with olive oil.


15. Leftover beef or chicken stir fry rolled up in a wrap.

New recipes for sandwiches and ideas for lunch can help you reignite your taste buds and help save money.

BTW…panini sandwich makers are a great way to jazz up your sandwich routine. You can find some reasonably priced panini makers at Amazon and Walmart.





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