10 Simple Repair Hacks For Home

repair hacks for home

Sometimes we’re running short of time or money to fix things when they break down. That’s okay, you can fix some things temporarily until you have more time or money to fix them the right way.  Some of these fixes can actually be permanent, too.

1. Unclog Drains

Have a slightly clogged drain? Put three Alka-Seltzer tablets plus one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Let it foam up and when it stops foaming, run clear water through the drain. Repeat as needed. You can also use baking soda first, then vinegar if you don’t have Alka-Seltzer.

2. Clean Toilet Bowls

Use leftover soda to clean your toilet bowls. Just pour it in, let sit overnight, and then scrub clean in the morning. Great for pets, too, because it won’t harm them if they decide to take a drink out of the bowl before you flush.

3. Rid Your Floors of Scuff Marks

The best solution for scuff marks is to put a tennis ball on the opposite side of the broom and use that to “erase” the scuff mark.

4. Squeaky Doors

Temporarily fix a squeaky door or any hinge with crayon wax, Vaseline, or cooking oil. It’ll hold for a few days or even weeks while you wait to save money for a more permanent fix.

5. Stay Clean

Dip the tips of your nails in soft soap like Ivory Soap before working on the car. Any grease or dirt that gets under your nails will wash right out.

6. Filling Holes

Rental apartment? Want to get your deposit back? Fill holes with a mixture of Krazy Glue plus baking soda to make a thick paste. Fill in holes, let dry, then sand and paint.

7. Remove Stickers

You can use WD40 to remove stickers, but if you don’t want to get the item greasy, try using canned air instead. Turn the can upside down before spraying so that it “wets” the area and freezes the area. Remove sticker with ease.

8. Duct Tape

This can be used for anything from taping up the falling fabric under your couch or easy chair, to fixing a cracked dustpan so it will still work until you can get to the store. Now that it comes in more colors you can keep your repairs around longer.

9. Broken Zipper

Use a paperclip to make an easy zipper pull replacement.

10. Stains

Keep some seltzer water on hand for accidental spills. Treat immediately for best results. Works on clothing, ties, and most fabrics if used immediately.


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